What Makes Beltane Special? Lila’s Story

Lila by Mark Taylor

Lila’s first Beltane was in 2012. Since then she has performed in a variety of groups and is currently serving on the Board of Trustees as well as running Reds for Beltane 2016. In our sixth What Makes Beltane Special? article, she talks about supporting volunteers, achieving dreams and nurturing imagination.

I had experienced Beltane as an audience member a few times before I took part. I always thought it was insane, spectacular madness and when I got directly involved in BFS the effort and time that was put into making the festival happen became very clear. My favourite thing about it is seeing people build something incredible from the ground up and achieving things they never dreamed they would; the fact that the event is put together with a small budget and huge resourcefulness by dedicated volunteers. My best memory from Beltane is hearing the drums start, then seeing the May Queen and the Whites come over the Acropolis for the first time.

The first time I took part in the festival I had very limited mobility and with help of my Group Organisers I was able to build and then pilot an enormous jellyfish puppet around Calton Hill for two hours. Two years later, I was painted Red and standing three people high in a human pyramid. To me, Beltane is different from other events because of the lack of limitations put on the groups. If you can imagine it and it can be done (safely!) then it will be done.

Want to come to Beltane Fire Festival 2016 on 30th April? Book your ticket HERE.

Photo of Lila by Mark Taylor

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