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Introducing our Group Organisers for Samhuinn 2017…

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We’re very excited to introduce our intrepid volunteer Group Organisers for Samhuinn  2017! These amazing people will be working incredibly hard over the coming months, recruiting and training volunteers for performance and production groups, planning, creating, rehearsing and being generally awesome and dedicated to building an epic festival.

More information about the groups themselves will be appearing here on our website in time for the Open Meeting (which you should totally come to if you want to be part of the festival – 12.30pm – Sunday 27 August 2017)!


Tamara Piddock & Rachel Miller

Anna Chaney, Cat Somerville, Michael Richie

Guth nam Marbh
Adam Dalmer, Alun Patrick Ryder Evans & Caity Hainesworth

Ignis Drummers
Lewis Hartley & Stuart Wedge

Louise Glendinning, Rudolfo Pereira & Sandra Spanikova

Mark Taylor & Neil Barton

Lila O’Leary, Sam Haddow & Siobhan Wilson

Nightwatch (Stewards & Torchies)
Danielle Christie & Stew Wilson

Winter Drummers
Thomas Caine, Scott Miller & Lindsey Bell


Family Samhuinn
Cat Somerville and Clara Koenig

Samhuinn Selpies
Dani Jakwerth

Photo project
Martin McCarthy

Contact chair [at] beltane [dot] org or festival [at] beltane [dot] org or chat to us at the Open Meeting.

Featured image by Mark Taylor for Beltane Fire Society