Beltane Fire Society

Announcing our new May Queen

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Anna, our May Queen for the past few years, has asked to share this message with all of you…

“Dear Community,

“I would like to take this opportunity to express the gratitude I feel for having been your May Queen. I have felt loved, supported and trusted in ways that have surprised me, reaffirmed me and have etched themselves into my heart. I have many precious memories from getting to know many of you; lots of laughter, sometimes tears, always dancing and then dancing some more in the moonlight, in the sea, the play park, and of course by the fire. I have grown as a person and I have made some lifelong friendships.

“It is now my pleasure to announce that our 7th May Queen is Katie O’Neill. Katie, I wish you all the best on your path ahead as you grow into your May Queen. You have my love and support.

“Thanking the Community, the Earth and the Sun.

“Love, Anna.”

We would like to pass on our enormous thanks to Anna, and to give a very warm welcome to Katie as our new May Queen for Beltane 2018!

Photo copyright Mark S I Taylor for Beltane Fire Society.