A Final Message From Our Outgoing May Queen…and an exciting announcement!

I’m stepping down as May Queen, after three years. The trinity is a sacred Celtic number, and the completed wheel of the triple goddess. 

I’ll be forever grateful for this experience – the endless fun, friendships & fires, as well as the hardships and challenges. Thank you, Beltane family, for this time, for the immense love and support I have received along the way, and for entrusting me with this role. Thank you to Blues & Board, Comms & Coordinators, for all your hard work behind the scenes, and for setting up our eco-fund that now gives 10% profit to earth protecting charities. Thank you to my two talented dress makers, Theresa Von Wald & Rosamund McCormack, for their breath-taking masterpieces. I hope their way of upcycling and using natural dyes to create the goddess in physical form continues. Thank you to the Whites for their warrior support and all the GOs for being their skilful selves. Thank you to my Green Men for sharing so much balance, joy & growth. 

Each of the three years with you all have been as unique and exceptional as the last. I even got my dream last year of celebrating barefoot, without a million camera flashes in my face! 😀 Instead, people lit their own fire; made their own rituals; felt the transition of the seasons in the skies and woods, without being too worn out to notice. We connected to the roots of Beltane’s celebration and the essence of what it really means to us individually. We realised what this festival can still pull off despite the difficulties, and appreciated what we usually have for our celebrations. Though I will, with you all, still party ten times as hard next time we meet.  

As we are all too aware, there have been major shifts and intensely difficult times in the world over these past few years. On a community level we said goodbye to several valued members of our community. It’s been so hard for so many for so long and I hope for us all that in this next phase we see more gentle and joyful times, and community continuing to guide the way through.

My greatest blessings to the 8th May Queen, Rosa MacKay. My heart and soul are over the moon to pass this role to you. You will rock it. Please offer Rosa as much love and support as you can; it can be a tough and tiring role. 

Parting thoughts:

Keep caring for yourselves and each other, as you do. Remember the healing power and ecological importance of nature. Remember to have hope, despite this mad world, and that magic exists in the moments we share, when we peer through the flames together. 

All my love

Katie O’Neill

Title image: Kasia Sowinska

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6 thoughts on “A Final Message From Our Outgoing May Queen…and an exciting announcement!

  1. Hi, Katie O’ Neill. I’ unfortunately do not the pleasure of knowing you but you will always be May Queen in my soul and in my heart ❤️. Alexandre


  2. Please can you remove me from your mailing list – the Unsubscribe button on your maild do not work

    thanks John


  3. Hi, Beltane Fire. I really hope to one day return to Edinburgh as I often have the opportunity to do every year. But when ????


  4. I have just seen your invitation to design a poster do yo have a new poster every year I am a bit late I have done a painting of a fire Goddess it’s on my web
    My subject is the Four Elements .
    Please let me know what you think.
    Regards Colin Hall.


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