Tickets on Sale Now!

Glowing bright fires and the pounding of drums ascend upon Calton Hill…

It must be time for Beltane Fire Festival!
Join us for an immersive Celtic experience that welcomes and revels in the beginnings of Summer, as we observe the beautiful traditional stories of the May Queen and The Green Man.

Tickets are ONLY available from our authorised box office supplier, Citizen Ticket, and are not available for resale or transfer on any secondary market. Do not attempt to buy tickets for sale on other platforms, they will not be genuine.

2 thoughts on “Tickets on Sale Now!

  1. Hi, Have never been before, in fact only heard about it a few months ago, but wondering if it would be ok to bring a very small dog in a dog sling?



    1. I’m not sure about the rules for dog access but this event is loud. Lots of heavy drumming etc. May not be nice for sensitive dog ears


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