Meet the wishing goddess

Meet the wishing goddess of Beltane!

Burning a wish of something we want to let go of in the Beltane Fire is a tradition for many, and something that Beltaners have done on Calton Hill over the years. When the May Queen and the Green Man light the bonfire, those wishes are cast with the cleansing flame. 

We invite you to join the community ritual and bring your wish to Calton Hill, where you can find the Wishing Willow Goddess and place your wish in her basket or tie your wish around the wishing. The basket and tree will then be ritually burnt on the community fire at the end of the night. Anything to be burnt must be made of natural fibre. 
You can write your wish on a piece of paper or a scrap of fabric that has importance to you. If you are unable to attend the festival this year, you can email before 12pm on 27th April where our lovely Front of House staff will print out your wishes and place them with the goddess for you.

We’ll see you next weekend!

Photo by Kate Ritchie

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