Beltane 2014 Running Order

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Times are approximate.

There are performances around the Hill all evening, so even if you don’t choose to follow the Procession, there will still be plenty to see!

7.30pm – Gates open.Treat yourself to some tasty food and drink as the performance groups arrive on the Hill in their Winter state. Contact Point will be on hand to provide maps and information (look for the coloured lights) and No Point (Court Jesters) will be up to mischief.

9.15pm – The Neid Fire is lit (all fire on the hill comes from the Neid Fire), the May Queen rises and the Procession begins at the Acropolis.

As the Procession moves on, Anansi will start a stunning performance of drumming and dancing in front of the Acropolis.

10pm – The Procession embarks upon their journey into the other world through the Fire Arch which is guarded by a Dragon! Reds (the embodiment of desire) will be playing with the Dragon at the Fire Arch after the Procession has left.

The Procession then meets Fire Point (shadow puppetry and fire dancing), followed by Cambian Force (elemental acro) and Aos Sidhe (fairy drummers) in New Cambia.

No Point at Fool Stop and Bud Om Brann (call horn) will also perform as the Procession makes its way to the Red Charge.

11pm – watch the reds charge the Procession at Red Charge, as well as the Dragon, drummers and fire dancers.

The Reds kidnap the Green Man and then the Procession then makes its way to the Red Performance where the Whites (May Queen’s hand maidens) free the Green Man.

11.30pm – The Green Man is reborn at the stage.

11.45pm – The May Queen and Green Man attend the lighting of the Bonfire.

12am – The performers go to the Bower for the dance of the Reds and Whites before the night ends on a celebrative note.

12.50pm – Finally, the drumming groups lead the audience off the Hill to the beat of the Beltane drums.

Map art work courtesy of Jack Tallbot from Auld Reekie Magic Carbaret

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