Beltane 2015 Map and Running Order

This information is from Beltane Fire Festival 2015. It will be updated in time for next Beltane but is being left in place until then for anyone who wants to read about the festival.

Beltane 2015 Map Online

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Welcome to the Beltane Fire Festival 2015!

Performances happen all over the Hill from around 9:30pm until 1am. Embrace the celebratory atmosphere and let’s bring in the Summer together!

● The Green Man appears at twilight (around 9.20pm), the Horn of Summer sounds, the May Queen awakens, the drums and fire begin!
● The Green Man’s physical body dies, and the Fire Arch is lit. The procession moves into the spiritual realm…
● The May Queen is greeted by Random Points of Kindness
● Fire Point perform for the May Queen, and the Green Man is tempted away by the Reds
● The May Queen is greeted by the Crow, as Aerie look on from above
● The Gadjadillos perform for the May Queen, the Wicker Witch is burned, and the Whites hold off a charge from the Reds while the Beasties play
● The procession disappears from public view, with the Reds held off by the Blues, and the Beasties giving chase
● The Reds charge and the Beasties play – will the Whites resist? The Green Man rejoins the May Queen
● The death and rebirth of the Green Man
● At 11:30pm (or thereabouts) the bonfire is lit. Happy Beltane!
● At the Bower, the Court is seated, the interactive vocal piece “Spark” is performed, the Reds and Whites dance…and then we all dance!

At 1am the show is over, and the Hill will close. Thank you for celebrating with us!
Please respect the performers and help us to keep the Hill clean.

Elsewhere on the Hill…
● The Gadjadillos perform “Persephone & Demeter”
● The Aerie’s Phoenix dies and is reborn
● Bonfire Point tell the stories of our groups
● Random Points of Kindness spread love and connection
● No Point’s ninja clowns bring benign chaos
● The Processional drummers perform late into the evening
● And the mushroom forest glows

Our participants – The May Queen and Attendants, Green Man and Green Guard, Blues, Whites, Processional Drummers, Torchbearers, Reds, Beasties, No Point, Random Points of Kindness, Fire Point, Aerie, The Gadjadillos, Bonfire Point, Bower with Spark, the Horn of Summer, Candlemakers, Tech, Photo Point and Stewards – are all volunteers.

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