Beltane 2016 Event Coordinator

This information is about the 2016 event and is here for reference only. The site will be updated for 2017’s festival early next year.


Our Beltane 2016 Event Coordinator is Sara. She says…

Good folk of Beltane!

I’m back, again. This is my fourth festival with the Society, having joined up for Samhuinn 2014 after responding to an interesting-looking job advert. (Always answer interesting-looking job adverts #protip)

My role is mostly that of facilitator; to understand what it is that the community wants to achieve with the festival, and to ensure that the legal and production infrastructure is in place to make that happen. So as well as coordinating the weekly Group Organiser meetings, I book the Hill, apply for licenses, liaise with the council and the emergency services, oversee ticketing, and book things like toilets, fencing, security, staging and generators.

I prepare the event safety plan, manage the budget (along with the Finance Officer), and have overall control of what happens on the Hill and when. I try and make sure that nothing’s on fire that shouldn’t be…