Beltane 2017 Organisers

Event Coordinator
Georgia Royes

Josh Bergamin
Kat Kane
Rob May
Sara Ferriera

May Queen: Anna Chaney
Green Man: Details coming soon!

Group Organisers…

Aaarcadia – Fire Arch and the Dystopian Hippylgrimage: Tom Watton, Lotte Kravitz and Robin Crane
The Aerie: Jay Wiwezar, Sarah Barr and Andrew Bell
Aether Drummers: Lindsay Hunter and Anna Meulepas
Aios Fior: Bruno Marchand and Nathan Goodfriend
The Beastie Drummers: Camilla Ginty, Irene Carita Morelli and Moira Morrison
The Evergreens: Tom Gibson and Rob Thorburn
Fire Puppet Point: Jackie Burrell and Karen Dickson
The Foxes: Eliza Biscotti and Hanna Lappalainen
Photo Point: Mark Taylor and Neil Barton
Processionals: Thomas Caine and Gavin Kennerly
Reds: William Ferguson and Sam Haddow
Stewards: To be confirmed very soon!
Tech: Helen Bradburn, Greig Douglas and Jonny Crombie
Torchbearers: Bradley Mcarthur and Dulcea Wind
Water: Seth Ewin and Katie Craig
Whites: Hannah McIlhinney and Steffi Taylor

Communications Coordinator (web, press and social media)
Rhiannon Davies