BFS Principles of Participation

We believe that members of the Society, regardless of experience or role, should participate with a shared behavioural expectation. That we all:

  • Communicate honestly and considerately with all – being aware of and respecting diversity, equality, different roles and boundaries, without discrimination. We value each others’ truths whilst expressing our own.
  • Endeavour to make BFS an inclusive, welcoming and sharing environment for all, regardless of personal history or sentiment. We form a Society with room enough for everyone to take part.
  • Learn, develop and grow through our involvement with BFS. When something happens, we look at the lessons to be carried forward and we welcome positive change.
  • Act in the best interest of BFS as a whole – remembering that we are a charity and avoid bringing BFS and ourselves into disrepute by our actions. We honour the energy invested by all of us in the Society and hold our charitable aims to be relevant in all we do.
  • Participate in discussion, debate and decision-making – contributing positively, listening carefully, challenging sensitively and finding resolution. We acknowledge conflict as a natural part of any community and show our best selves when we overcome it.
  • Operate within the established guidelines of BFS and the framework of the law – upholding the objectives and principles of the society and the law as they apply to our events. We accept our legal and moral responsibilities to each other and the wider community.
  • Engage with BFS through the support channels in place – via the Board of Directors, Event Coordinator, Blues, Group Organisers and others holding specific roles within the society. We recognise those whom we entrust with our safety and wellbeing, enabling them to fulfill that duty of care unhindered.