How Blues are selected

Who decides who becomes a Blue?

When a new Blue is needed, current Blues propose the name or names of those they feel would be suitable. Community members are encouraged to let Blues know who they would like to see as a Blue at any time, and those put forward by the community form part of the shortlist that current Blues use to begin thinking about new Blues. These proposals are then approved or declined by the Beltane Fire Society Board of Trustees (who are elected each year by BFS members at our annual general meeting). This allows Blues to select someone based on the criteria they know are important, but still ensures that elected members have final say in selection, on behalf of the wider membership.

How long are Blues Blue for?

Blue is a year-round role, most intense during festival run-up, but present across the year. So once a proposed Blue has been approved by the Board, barring any issues (see ‘What happens if there’s a problem with a Blue’ below) or their own decision to stop being a Blue (see ‘If a Blue takes a festival off’ below), Blues are Blue on an ongoing basis.

If a Blue takes a festival or more off, can they automatically come back as a Blue for a future festival?

No. Someone who has been a Blue before can approach the current Blues to let them know they are interested in taking up the withies again for an upcoming festival, but the decision rests with the current Blues in the first instance, and then the Board. If the current Blues feel the former Blue should be an active Blue again they will propose the name to the Board. The Board then approves or declines the proposal, just as they would for someone who had never been Blue before.

What happens if there’s a problem with a Blue?

In the same way as other members, Blues are subject to the Beltane Fire Society Principles of Participation and the Beltane Fire Society complaints process. In addition, from Beltane 2017 onwards, Blues will have a separate debrief with the Board after each festival, specifically to discuss their activity during the past festival, and to discuss any issues that arose. If any issues are flagged which may raise questions for their suitability as an active Blue for future festivals, the board will discuss the concerns, and may choose to review or halt the person’s continued status as a Blue from that point. If the person then wishes to be a Blue at the next or any future festival, they must be proposed by the current Blues and approved by the Board, as any new Blue would be.

Any questions or issues?

Got a question about Blues? Contact blues [at] beltane [dot] org or talk to them in person. If you would prefer to ask the board or have an issue to raise, contact chair [at] beltane [dot] org.