Work With Us

Currently we have no vacancies for contracted roles available.

Below is a short description of positions usually available to work with Beltane Fire Society.

Contracted roles with beltane fire society

ADMINISTRATION & OPERATIONS SUPPORT (This role is currently fulfilled.)

This position assists the Board of Trustees with the administration work of the charity and provides support for various operational tasks on the run-up to our festivals and events.

COMMUNICATIONS COORDINATOR (This role is currently fulfilled.)

This position handles our social media accounts and helps to draft communications around what the charity is currently working on. They also liaise and manage press for our events.

EVENT COORDINATOR (This role is currently fulfilled.)

Since the growth of Beltane Fire Society’s festivals from our small following to being attended by thousands, it has become necessary to ensure that there is dedicated support for volunteers. This is provided by the Event Co-ordinator who sources possibilities for the Society to make savings with it’s suppliers, create paths towards new members and expand opportunities with its existing membership. For the big events the Event Co-ordinator manages the daily tasks of creating a large, public festival. Their job involves the acquisition of infrastructure, negotiation with public bodies such as the City of Edinburgh Council, budgets and legal requirements among many, many other things.

HEALTH & SAFETY OFFICER (This role is currently unavailable.)

This position is responsible for assisting on the health and safety reviews our our festival and events and works closely with our Event Coordinator.