Hearth Fire – Digital Samhuinn Fire Festival

The winds of change are upon us, and an uncertain Winter lies ahead. But we can still find ways to gather together.

Meet us at the virtual hearth fire for an evening of performance, music, and ritual bringing our traditional Samhuinn celebrations to life in the digital realm.

Saturday 31 October from 7PM-9PM
Watch on Facebook Live, IGTV & YouTube


When the Summer King first emerged from his slumber, he meant to celebrate the start of his reign with a magnificent feast – but nobody came. Now, too soon for his liking, he must draw his short season to a close and pass the mantle to the Winter King.

Sensing his reluctance, the mysterious crone goddess known as the Cailleach arrives. Under her watchful gaze, the turn of the year’s wheel must be preserved.

But not everything has to be gloomy. The Winter King is keen to remind us of the good things about Winter – the cosy hearths, the hot chocolates and the fireside stories. We’ve kept the fires lit through the dark months before, and we can do so again.


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We have a suggested donation of £5 (+ booking fee), but you are welcome to give more or less depending on your circumstances.

The festival is still free to watch for those who are not able to pay.


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