How To Get Involved

Everyone is welcome to get involved in the Beltane Fire Society and our festivals. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or you have no previous experience, whether you or are interested in technical, support or behind-the-scenes roles, we are happy to meet you!

We have large Open Meetings twice a year – late February to join in for Beltane and late August/early September for Samhuinn. An Open Meeting is an opportunity to hear about all the different performance and productions groups available to join for that festival, to find out about the rehearsal schedules and skills required, and to meet the organisers. Some groups will require more of a time commitment than others. Some have try-outs. The requirements are different each festival because the groups are different each time! We encourage anyone wanting to take part in a festival to come to an Open Meeting, but we do post information about the groups and contact details for the organisers here as well, just in case you can’t make it along.

Details about Open Meetings, including times, dates and locations, are posted here and on Facebook in advance and you’re welcome to email volunteers[at]beltane[dot]org if you have any questions about how to get involved in our festivals.

You can also read our FAQ to find out more about BFS and our events.

Propose an Event or Activity

Any member of Beltane Fire Society is welcome to propose an event or activity for the benefit of the Society and its members, to be run under the BFS name with support from the Board. Click here to find out how.


Other ways to volunteer

We are often on the look-out for people with specific skills and interests to help behind the scenes, year-round and in addition to our standard festival volunteer roles. Currently, we’re keen to hear from those who have skill and time who may want to help with:

  • Coordinating and keeping track of our stores, props, equipment and costumes, as ‘quartermaster’
  • Supporting communications about our festivals (via our website, press, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
  • Providing expert opinion and support input on tech and production issues to our board
  • Sharing your stories, memories and expertise as a member of BFS for our ‘Lore’ project

If any of these sound like you, do get in touch – we’d be very happy to hear from you – email volunteer [at] Beltane [dot] org or board [at] Beltane [org].

Featured image by Daniel Rannoch for Beltane Fire Society