What the Beltane Fire Society board does…

Members of the BFS Board of Trustees are responsible for the same legal duties as trustees of any charity; but as BFS is a membership organisation and quite unique, currently trustees have responsibility for other areas also. The responsibilities of trustees of BFS largely fall into three core categories:

  • Governance (keeping BFS on track and safeguarding its future);
  • Operations (enabling key BFS activities to happen); and
  • Community (Engaging with the BFS membership).

The actual tasks that fall under those three areas are varied. The board usually meet once every three to five weeks, with the event coordinator and Blues invited to attend where appropriate.

Broadly speaking, the work of the board includes:

Governance: keeping BFS on track and safeguarding its future

  1. Making sure BFS activity contributes to our charitable aims, and that we comply with our governing documents;
  2. Managing BFS resources and finances effectively and responsibly;
  3. Ensuring BFS complies with relevant laws and requirements; and
  4. Ensuring BFS is accountable to its members and to other bodies, like the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR).

Operations: enabling key BFS activities to happen

  1. Setting out the framework that allows BFS events to take place – creating timelines, making key decisions, keeping an eye on the year-round picture, so others (from event coordinator to GOs) can come on board and do their parts within it
  2. Hiring and managing contractors – from event coordinator and comms coordinator to paid stewards and clean-up crews.
  3. Maintaining key relationships – from supporting event coordinator in negotiating with council and relevant authorities, to exploring funding opportunities and links with partners
  4. Overseeing BFS premises, stores and supplies
  5. Coordinating BFS membership records
  6. Managing our day-to-day finances
  7. Making sure our activities are in line with the law and regulations

Community: engaging with the BFS membership

  1. Coordinating and facilitating our annual general meeting, and other community meetings, like blethers
  2. Facilitating conversations and communication between members, to foster a culture of creative collaboration
  3. Investigating complaints between members
  4. Notifying community members of key issues
  5. Encouraging sharing of skills and knowledge between members
  6. Being advocates for the principles of participation, encouraging our community to uphold them and creating a culture within our community that is based on them