Chapter Eleven – Bower

We are those that guard the sacred hearth, home, and spring of Bower, whose hearth and waters give succour to the creatures of Beltane Night.

Bower is our home on the hill. We are welcomed in by the guardians of the Bower, protectors of the space. It is our final stop, our place of celebration. We eat, we drink, we dance! Our May Queen and Green Man preside over the space, ready to begin their summer. Couples approach, to be handfasted, and to jump over the withies.

And nearly all are present… but for our Reds, upon whose arrival our Whites await.  

To the sound of drums, our Reds & Whites approach each other, with longing and anticipation. Their eyes and limbs meet, intertwined in joy, as the wheel turns once again, on Beltane.  

All barriers brought down, we invite the community in to dance, and to join our celebration!  

(Words by Bower and Sara Thomas)

Featured image by Bleu Hope for Beltane Fire Society. All rights reserved.