Chapter One – Welcome to Beltane

Beltane has been celebrated for more years than any of us have been here. Beltane will be celebrated for years after we have gone. Beltane will be celebrated wherever we are, whether we are are on the hill or not, and whether we can gather together in our community, or not.  Beltane fire festival is but a flash in time in the wider and older history of Beltane, a mere couple of decades old. Our absence from our now traditional home, and our separation from our physical community will hopefully be but a short speck of time. Our ritual’s history is much older, and has endured through time. Our community will also endure.

It is time.

Look to the air, it is getting warmer 
Look to the earth, new growth is coming
Look to the fire, the summer is starting
Look to the water, as it shines in the sun.

Compiled by Martin McCarthy. Photos from members of Photo Point for Beltane Fire Society. All rights reserved.

The May Queen is eternal and awaits us.
The Green man senses that the season is passing, and is compelled to emerge.

Painted by Marie Pearson for Beltane Fire Society.

We invite you, our distributed and dispersed community
To gather with us this evening
To light the fire
In your hearts and your homes
And watch the wheel turn
As it has for millennia
As it will for millennia to come.  

Beltane feeling – a poem

A poem written by board member Rebecca Conway after her first experience with Beltane.