Chapter Six – Chaos Awakens or The Red Family

The Reds and Beasties rise from the same wellspring of chaotic energy. Born on the night, they burst forth from the earth with passion, curiosity and a furious feral energy. The Reds discover their new forms, exploring their surroundings and those lucky enough to witness them arise. The Beasties discover their connection to the elements, the spark of life and each other through the drums and intoxicating earthy rhythms that they play.

Over the course of the night they astound, charm and seduce with acrobatic displays and primal, deeply funky drumbeats. The Reds slowly find their inner balance that eventually allows them to direct the awesome energy that they channel before finding a greater equilibrium with the Whites. The Beasties keep the party going all summer long.

The Red Family cannot be led but it is aligned with the energy of the Green Man. They are drawn to him and keenly feel his journey and death and rebirth.

The Reds feel their power growing over the course of the night. They find themselves drawn to the top of Charge Slope. When the procession arrives at the base and awaits them they can’t help but react. All at once they hurtle towards the procession and crash against the implacable wall of the Whites. An unstoppable force meets an immovable object. They have finally found their equal, their twin, the other side of the coin. The Reds regroup and entice the Green man to join them as they cavort in front of the procession. 

In Reds, the Whites meet their own boundaries. As they charge down the slope, Whites sense a threat they must protect their May Queen, and themselves, from. They take their stance to protect Her, but in doing so they come face to face with the raw and unfiltered curiosity of the Reds and in them – with distant surprise – find a mirror. A moment of resolute duty is coloured with an element of recognition. The May Queen is safe, but Whites are beginning to see their true selves. Whites shield off Reds, but leave the slope with a festering ember within, and a nudging longing to see them again.

Featured image by Neil Barton for Beltane Fire Society. All rights reserved.