Chapter Ten – Bonfire

There is no Beltane without fire:
The fire that cleanses,
The fire that blesses.
Borne of the fires within:
Rising sap, 
Bursting blossoms

Lighting the Beltane bonfire is the heart of the night and the culmination of our presentation of ritual.  It is when the season officially turns; where we connect with our past and look toward a better future.

Protectively encircled by Her loving, dutiful Whites, The May Queen and the Green Man walk the bonfire together before lighting the blaze, imbuing it with their intentions for the coming summer and then revel with their entourage in the warmth and light of the blessed fire as the drums play.  

But wait…

Enter the Reds:  Drawn to heat and to revelry the red host explodes into the space in a flurry of hedonism and desire. Briefly they curb their inner fire and reach for the Whites they have come to yearn for.

In turn the Whites allow their composure to drop, they long to stay and embrace the Reds whom they feel inexplicably drawn to. But their Queen has a final task for them before their journey is complete. So with regret, and also with hope in their hearts they escort the May Queen and Green Man away.

This story is not over yet.

Featured image by Kasia Sowinka for Beltane Fire Society. All rights reserved.