Chapter Three – The May Queen and Green Man’s Journey

The May Queen is born as the days lengthen and the flowers begin to open, the maiden of the spring. She is the turning of the world and the changing face of the moon. The Green Man is still covered in the overgrowth of the Horned God as the festival begins. Together they form the court that circles the hill. As they pass through the Fire Arch the Green Man throws off all of the old dead branches, casts aside the mantle of the Curenos and takes on the spirit of Viridas.

As the court visits the different elemental groups on their journey the May Queen takes in the energy that they have to give, making herself ready to channel it. The Green Man takes energy from the Reds when he encounters them, building his power so that he can sacrifice himself. The procession takes a slow winding route to the stage.

Featured image by Vince Graham for Beltane Fire Society. All rights reserved.