Digital Family Samhuinn 2020

Get into the spirit of Halloween with this weekly series of online and offline activities for families.

Every year, we host an afternoon of storytelling and crafting for children and their parents so you can join in our Samhuinn festivities in a family-friendly way, and still be home in time for bedtime!

Our usual party is moving online this year, so we’ve come up with lots of ways that you can get arty, outdoorsy and spooky in a safe way and mark the changing seasons with your wee’uns.

What’s on?

Join us for three Family Samhuinn sessions over the next month, where we’ll share fun activities like: 

  • Seasonal recipes
  • Nature trails
  • Spooky stories & singalongs
  • Arts and crafts


Learn to identify the plants and animals living near your home with this interactive activity sheet. See how many leaves, nuts, and critters you can spot, collect, and experience.

Get your friends involved too, and compare notes to see how the natural world differs around your homes!

Seeds can be used to plant things for a long time after they are first collected – you just have to know how to store them. Read how to safely collect and save seeds, with these instructions from the Salisbury Centre.

PDFs compiled by Lorraine Prince.

Do you know what a possum is? It’s a bit like a mouse, but different. We’re going to learn to sing about possums in Gaelic, in this tutorial specially tailored to children.

Performed by Adam Dahmer and Dhanya Bird.

This here is Guardie, our very own local Guardian of the Woods. Guardie shows us around the woodland that it looks after, and gives us tips on how we might one day become Guardians ourselves. Would you like to be a Guardian one day?

Performed by Karen Dickson.

In a special edition of the Cailleach’s Cave, our Winter goddess tells us a story about a lonely stag, who feels sad when all the other animals in the forest don’t come to his party. An owl arrives to cheer him up and to explain the changes that are coming over the forest as Winter approaches.

Performed by Katherine Anne Bradley.

Get out of your chair and get active with this yoga instruction video from our volunteer Andria! Try this with the whole family, and see who can be the bendiest.

Performed by Andria Michael.

Coming up…

Session 2: Cosying in for Autumn
Saturday 25th October

Session 3: Celebrating together for Winter
Thursday 29th October