Lughnasadh Offline

We’ve prepared this suggested guide to help you celebrate the Celtic holiday Lughnasadh. These are intended to help us connect with each other by performing the same rituals over one week, and to take us away from the online sphere while social distancing measures are still in place.

Read through the suggestions below, or download and print our PDF to take with you into the outdoors.

In creating the offline celebration we tried to concentrate on what could be done easily, accessibly with things that may be at hand with harvest at the heart of our concept. Our aim is to help focus and channel energy through thought, action and visualisation. Please don’t worry if you cant gather specific herbs mentioned or have the ‘right coloured ribbon’ to hand. What matters is heart and intention.  

– The Blues

Lughnasadh is a time of harvest.  In connecting with the natural world we may be focussing on growth and abundance.  We may be foraging, baking, or brewing.  But in these strange days, Harvest might mean more than what we see growing in a garden, windowbox, or hedgerow.  

Setting intentions

We encourage you to think about what harvest means to you – whether that be personal growth, new skills learned, or new projects undertaken.  What have you learned, maybe without realising?  Take time to appreciate your achievements, however small, and whatever they may look like.  

How far have you come since Beltane?

As we look forward to the late Summer days, where we reap the benefits of projects undertaken, cast your mind back to any intentions you set at Beltane.  What remains unfinished?  Tie up loose ends, make the final stitches on your craft project, and make a plan to complete that which you started.  

Commit to let go of that which no longer serves you.  

Gathering in abundance

Take time in nature in your local area.  With your thoughts on harvest, collect natural material which you can bind together to make a broom.  In season now you may find meadowsweet, or mint, for example. Take time to notice what has changed in nature, and how this might reflect any shift or change in yourself.  Bind these materials together with gold and green ribbon or thread – gold for prosperity, and green for abundance.  From your front door (or door to your living space) to the centre of your home (a hearth, a kitchen, or living room) sweep in the energy of abundance, good fortune, and nature’s plenty.

Thankfulness and eating with intention

Prepare a meal – this might include items you’ve foraged, or bread you’ve baked, or drinks you’ve made.  Putting all screens aside, and lighting candles of gold, yellow, or orange, take time to eat and enjoy it with thanks and intention.  If you’re able, share with friends, family or housemates.

Happy Lughnasadh!

With love from your Blues xx

Featured image by Martin McCarthy for Beltane Fire Society. All rights reserved.