Samhuinn 2015 Court

Samhuinn 2015 is over and updated information will be posted in time for next year’s festival.


Liza Stolton

Summer King

Will Ferguson

Hello, I’m Will. Some of you may remember me as the the Carrier, or the Green Man of Beltane 2015, however my Beltane journey did not start there.

My Beltane journey started at Samhuinn 2014, at the Open Meeting where I stood nervously at the back of the room, somewhat suffering from the festival I had just returned from that weekend. At this point I did not have much time to offer as I was not living in Edinburgh, so I signed up for Tech.

What a great choice that was! I had such an immense experience helping to build fire sculptures and seeing the inner workings of the ritual, never mind all the amazingly warm and beautiful people whom I met through Tech.

Yet if someone was to have said to me on that day that this time next year I would in fact be standing up at the front giving a few words on what the idea was for this Samhuinn I doubt very much I would have believed them. However, there I was and here I am, honored and privileged to again be taking a role in the Court.

So how do I intend to portray this year’s Summer King/Green Man 2.0..?

Well, again I say I feel very honored that our Cailleach has chosen us as her Kings and so far working with her has been beautiful. For me it makes a lot of sense to do this, hence the application. Its like going full circle with a character I have created in my mind. At Beltane, the Green Man was birthed and has been carried through the Summer with me. Now as we approach Winter, it is time for him to face his darkness. He now has to pay for his Summer of debauchery and address the power struggle between light and dark, warmth and cold, fire and ice…there can only be one victor and he knows that only he can rule the kingdom. He knows that he and he alone can make Summer everlasting.

His court may have turned against him, the people may be willing to accept the Winter into their lives, hearts and homes. He, however, in the true nature of (Scottish) Summer will stand defiantly at the gates of eternity and refuse entry to the Horned God of Winter with a roar across the land of tsamhraidh go deo (Summer forever). Those brave enough to stand in defiance with him will call back fada beo an tsamhraidh (long live the Summer) and together we shall live forever in the joy and bliss that is the Summer.

Really though, I see this as an opportunity to complete my cycle as Green Man and prepare to hand the horns and cloak over to the next Greenie for Beltane 2016 who I can’t wait to meet. This journey has been life changing and I have no doubt that as the next Green Man comes to fruition he too will have as magical a journey as I and those who came before me had.

See you all at the Summer party on the 31st of October where we will celebrate the eternal sunshine of Summer fun…


Winter King

Jessica Whiteley

So my friends, a boob human is to hold the divine masculine in to the Winter, with deep respect and honour for the divine male within me and within all of you the journey has begun. Firstly I would like to massively thank everyone involved in allowing me this space and this privilege, I am now at your service. This has come at a point in my own story, as im sure it does for us all, that allows a deep healing and space to explore within a beautiful safe community things that may otherwise be difficult or traumatic to deal with. Earlier this Summer my grandfather passed away. This was one of the catalysts in putting myself forward for this role, to understand and honour him and all the male elders I have ever loved and respected, and to explore the ones I have been unable at the time to understand and empathise with.

My journey within the Society has been such a nourishing one, from right back in 2004 when I swam with the fishes of Water Point. Since then I have rode the wave of the Red Man (esssssssssssssssssssssssssssssaaaaaah!), led No Point (bang bang dragon bash love babaganoooosh), stood with the White Warriors (yes big daddy, yes warrior kat) and dived into another version of No Point (love love love wiggle). I was given the honour of the Cailleach in 2012 and since then have been mostly the Green Man’s left bollock! I’ve sewn, shaped, moulded, mudded, cuddle puddled, laughed, cried and submerged in to one of the most intensely fantastic communities I could ever have imagined! What a ride, what a stunning colourful writhing mass of unconditional love and epic challenges! My story is so much richer for this and I will always be grateful beyond measure!

And so on to this page…Winter King! Here’s a wee bit of my story with him so far.

Emerging as one being, the two aspects of the divine masculine walk in step, conjoined, bound, unaware of other, whole within himself.

As the season begins to shift a stirring begins in him, the shadow self begins to awaken, with questions…

What has he done that he is not proud of? How can he let go? What is he afraid to face within him self in order to evolve? How can he do this with compassion, both for himself and for his consort? How does he hold this, so that all of creation can hold him? What is the next step?

With each independent step the Winter King comes into being, growing stronger in his purpose. Interacting with each aspect of the Winter Court defines this purpose – playtime is over and the Summer King will soon know it. It is time to face himself.

In his heart he knows that the final decision belongs to his consort. Will she decide on the young playful male or the seasoned male who has worked through his own darkness?

This exploration has already begun within me, the journey has turned my hands cold and made my heart warm. Lets do this!