What to Expect at Samhuinn

Those of you who have been attending our Winter festival for a while will remember it as a procession that moved through the streets of Edinburgh, but things became a little different for a couple of years. Because our festival had grown in popularity – drawing thousands from Edinburgh and across the world to see it – in 2018 & 2019 we held our Samhuinn festival in our spiritual home on Calton Hill, where Samhuinn’s sister event Beltane Fire Festival was first founded.

In 2020, our Samhuinn Fire Festival was digital and took place over Facebook Live and YouTube. Watch Hearth Fire (Digital Samhuinn Fire Festival) here on our website. 

In 2021 we return, both to the streets of the Old Town, and [we are hopefully optimistic] to boradcast a simple digital live stream of the parade. We will also be filming and photographing the parade and will release the images and videos in the weeks following the parade.

Due to pre-existing concerns around over crowding, coupled with the ongoing pandemic we have been required to operate a registration system for spectators. Only those who register will be given the precise event location and timings. As registration is full, we are now directing people to witness the parade via our digital festival, happening over on YouTube and other social media channels.

Featured image by Vince Graham for Beltane Fire Society. All rights reserved.