The Blues

In keeping with Celtic tradition the history of the Festival is maintained mainly through storytelling. Beltane lore is held by the Blues, a respected group of the society’s ‘old hands’ who build the stories through their considerable experience in participation and involvement in the Beltane Fire Society.

Our Blues are long-standing and active members of our community with lots of experience participating and performing in festivals, and a deep connection to our rituals and traditions. For more information around the role, please see the links below, or head further down to see who our current Blues are and read the words they shared with us.

  • What Blues do.  
  • The current Blues for any festival form part of the GO Selection Group for that festival: they therefore now cast their votes, along with the Board, on an equal footing. You can find the full GO selection process here.
  • The Blues and Board also work together to select court members. The full court process selection for this year is here
  • Processes around becoming and stepping down as a Blue.  

If you have queries about these process or changes, please contact us at, or members of the board will have a table at the Open Meeting where you can drop by and chat with us.

Alun E. (Joined Feb 2020)

Copyright Scott Miller for Beltane Fire Society

I had watched Samhuinns passing by on the Royal Mile.
I had attended Beltanes up on the hill.
I thought I knew what they were.

I went to an open meeting and before I knew what was happening I was flapping the wings of a giant phoenix and grinning like a maniac whilst squawking in front of thousands of people. The next 10 years (dear sweet Green Man, has it really been that long?!) are a caliedascope of fire, love, drums, singing, dancing and utterly joyful screaming.

Performing, learning, teaching and loving this community has changed and supported me in ways that I could not have imagined.
I thought I knew what Beltane was.
I was utterly, beautifully, hilariously wrong and one day maybe I’ll work it out.

Caroline H. (JOINED Feb 2019)

Caroline is deeply Blue. For me this means stability, truth, strength; a connection with the ground, fire, the seasons, the ritual, the air, mountains and the sea.

Ella h. (JOINED FEB 2019)

Copyright Scott A. Winchester for Beltane Fire Society.

I walked into an open meeting around 2010, and since then I’ve danced, sung, walked purposefully, drummed, set things alight, and created more costumes at the last minute than I should admit to. Through each festival I’ve found friends, learnt skills. Who knows how to describe – so many different ways of feeling joy, doing some of the maddest and most magical things.

Being asked to blue was humbling and through the time I’ve done it I have a greater love and respect for the BFS community and all its components. Being a part of ritual performance is something I do not take for granted. 

As blues before me have done, I offer being here. I will endeavour to be as helpful as I can.

If I haven’t got an answer I’ll find someone. And if in doubt I’ll suggest tea.

Gav K. (JOINED FEB 2019)

There was an old Beastie and red

Who span fire and hit drums till he bled

But one day, he knew

It was time to be Blue

And was so happy he stood on his head.


Blurb to be added.

John W. (JOINED JAN 2020)

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Copyright Lindsey Bell

We are the friends that we make and the stories that we share. 

Come take a seat and let’s spin yarns together.

Sara t. (JOINED Jan 2020)

Copyright Vince Graham for Beltane Fire Society

I joined Beltane at Samhuinn 2014 as Event Coordinator, after me mam sent me a link to a job advert saying “Hey, this has fire, you’d like this.”  (She was correct.)  Four festivals later I decided that this performance lark looked worth a shot, which is how I ended up stilt walking down the Royal Mile.  I thought I knew the festivals inside out, I was wrong.  I didn’t think I’d ever join a drum group, but then Beasties happened.  I was Cailleachan, I was a puppet-builder and part of the Cailleach’s entourage, I drummed some more.  I told stories. 

I didn’t think I’d ever GO (I live in Glasgow, ScotRail & Citylink get enough out of me as it is) but then Beasties happened. (Again).  I didn’t ever think that I’d be asked to Blue, but… well, here we are.

I’ve learned and laughed so much.  I’ve gotten more out of being part of this community than I ever could have imagined; I hope I can honour that.


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