No Point

This year No Point, the travelling band of jesters, is the eternal playfull mischief of the May Queen. We are the buds that bloom unseen in the forest. The rains that fallwhere no humans tread. We are the wild, the free, the symbiotic lovechaos of The Lady.

We are random, rand(y)Om, the mystery that dances in and out of everyday circumstance, turning nowhere into now-here. We are the magic realm as it steps up inside the normal andtransforms it into scared, meaningfull, elusive, profound. We are simple, complex, like Love. A mystery, a challenge, an unknown that is laughing as it reveals itself.We are the emenation of Loving Play, the adventure and journey of the fool, the tide of coincedence, good fortune, luck.

We are a secret blessing.We live everywhere, nowhere, amongst the crowd as much as with the Green.We want to tickle you, make you feel special, fertile, abundant, empowered, LOVED…this is a celebration of our creative power, our inherent connection with the earth and an endless mysterious universeunfolding perfectly as it should. We revere the ignored, the mystery of fingernails growing, the miracle of a heart beating, the holy beauty of a flower opening in the days sun.

To us, all are beautiful, family to the Goddess, and we celebrate you, here, now. We also are beautifull, for we are a mirror, we totally are you.

Photo of No Point at a rehearsal by Ellen Duffy.

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