Whites were born to protect the May Queen, to serve her, nourish her, and finally to accompany her in her journey with the Green Man to the underworld. We are extensions of the May Queen’s energy, representing order, focus, strength, restraint, consciousness and wisdom, purity and virginity.

Our strength comes from fighting temptation, yet they also have a longing for their unknown “other side”, the chaotic, sensual, and physical (Red). There is the growing need to express the emotions and intense desire within but an inner knowing of a common purpose and focus for the May Queen. We know that the time will come when they will face this other side, and we are preparing for the day, to embrace it when the time comes and to show restraint beforehand.

Like brides’ preparations in many cultures (washing, decorating, nourishing etc) as the May Queen and Green Man visits the elements each element is being awakened in their body and mind, our breath at Air, our bones and body at Earth, our blood flow at Water, the heart and heat inside us at Fire, and finally our desire, creative life energy at Red Point.

It is only when all the elements are present and the warmth of summer begins, the May Queen has accepted the Green man and we’re released from our primary duty that the time is right for our emotions and potential to finally be released, finally awakened by the Reds. From this time onwards our storyline is mirroring the main narrative of Beltane, the story of the May Queen and the Green Man.

Photo of Whites at a rehearsal by Ellen Duffy.

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