Group still open to volunteers: NO POINT

A public service announcement on behalf of Blue and Bobster of No Point.

This year, this glorious year whose number has so many myths and imaginings embroiled in its midst, this year, regardless of what is said, is special. A year to make amazing things happen, to journey into and grow throughout and come fully shining into being the bestest version of our self. I do not mean perfect, or anything denoting pressure, force or struggle. I mean Happy.

Sometimes it is nice to find something randomly – often, in fact, our best occasions/connections/meetings/experiences happen through something quite random and spontaneous happening. Well, i am delighted to inform you that this is one such random opportunity.

We are the ambassadors of freedom. We are the Rand(y)Om as it takes full advantage of every available facet of the manifest world. We are as surreal and as abstract as the existence of your consciousness in the first place. Does you having consciousnesses have a point? Well, its up for speculation, but clearly the point of consciousness existing is not as clear as the point of, say, a hammer existing. Do hammers dream? And take offence? And enjoy hot chocolate? And wonder if they’re pretty? Again, its up for speculation.


I want a strong group this year, with incredible people in it (ie:you) people who may not even realise how much they might get out of this. So what’s in it for you eh? what can thee get out of it? Here now is an outline of what NoPoint is doing this year…

We are going to get very fit and strong. And confident, through theatrical meaningful silly naughty sacred mischief and exercise. Working with a journal together we will explore Things That We Love, exploring abstractly, will no intention of an end goal or ambition, simply to discover more about ourselves and what we dig.

This will be a big part of our personal journey, and will give us enough guidance to lift from all these pieces an amalgamative character, these influences will bleed into costume, attitude and outlook and give us our Who We Will Be On The Night. Each of us will, therefore, be thoroughly different, but will have grown up together and (through the magic of my ridiculous guidance) will Know How To Play Very Well Together.

Next…what can we do with it..!? Ok…so…you love juggling? Then juggle. Whoever loves music can play some beats for you whilst others…do…what they love in collaboration. We will see how many objects we can worship (feverantly) in Jenners before getting thrown out. Or who has the guts and drive to climb the scaffolding on princes street and spray paint a moustache on that huge giant painfully skinny girl image…if we love the breaking of gender stereotypes, that is 😉

Power to us.

The intention is we create a character based on the Best Version Of Ourselves…….following our bliss, our joy, our delight. A personal journey into what we love, a shared journey into what we can do with it, and a goldmine of opportunity to unbehave at the end of it all. And i can assure you, this is something you have Never Done Before, so don’t mistake it for the known.

May the mystery of life ever fill you with the wonder to go on. All hail the Randy Om!

WEDNESDAY sessions: outdoors, physical training (stretches, adapted sun salutation routine and full 21 each set of 5 tibetans) followed by muchos good fun crazy game play and general physical bondage.

SUNDAY sessions: mostly indoors, gentle bondage, theatre and performance game play, character work, plotting, devising, scheming and eating.

AFTER WEEKEND AWAY (weekend ending 1st april)

WEDNESDAY sessions : indoors, scripting, laughing, bondage, gentle subtle stuffs

SUNDAY sessions : outdoors, full on physicals and practises of skits.

PLEASE NOTE! A lot of what we will do will have no bearing on Beltane itself eg one person being massaged by rest of group, standing by 100 airport bus stop and crying waving hankies as people leave, rejoicing throwing confetti as they arrive…..these have nothing to do with any “final goal”.

I cannot wait to meet with you all.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: it is traditional that NoPoint is as stress free and supportive of individuals needs for time and space as possible, so whereas coming to every meeting is totally amazing, no need to feel guilty of whatever if ya canny. I hope, however, that we find we love each other so much that we cannot bear to be apart.

Contact them at

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