First rehearsal…and breathe…

Nyree, one of the Elementals Group Organisers, shares a page from her GO diary.

Well, it is always an exciting and nerve wracking experience to prepare and host the first rehearsal for a Beltane group. The inevitable questions always crop up: Will anyone turn up? Did I give everyone the correct directions and time? What should I wear? (This is a particular difficult one for anyone who is not a student!)

So filled with equal parts dread and exhilaration, I co-hosted the first Rehearsal with my fellow GO’s last Wednesday. A health number of people turn up considering it was; A) short notice after the open meeting and B) Erin and Morag’s Civil Partnership party and C) the very first rehearsal.

And that last point is the most important – A First Rehearsal is only the beginning and not an end point. It plants the very first seed of your Group. Yes, there has been hours of planning, discussion, anxiety, more planning, self doubt and even more planning, to get to this point; but it’s finally here. People have turn up. They are happy to be here and seem to be enjoying themselves!

I can finally let out that breath I have been holding in for a month.

And now I can’t wait until the next rehearsal….

One thought on “First rehearsal…and breathe…

  1. Very similar feelings to myself at our first meeting. Except, I made the very bad first impression of being late. I made up for it with a punishing monkey dance of shame so I will make sure that I am super early next time!


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