The sound of bliss

Nyree from Elementals shares another page from her GO diary…

Sunday’s meeting was all about getting down to basics – basic Puppet building that is! We all made our own individual which will form part of one of our puppets on the night. (I’ve censored myself, so that I won’t give away any surprises on the night!!)

Boy it is fun to get your hands (literally) dirty with PVA, wall paper paste and newspaper! The smell of wet Withies is as appealing to me as the most expensive of fragrances. And it is very easy to slip into a Zen like state as you build up your . Sigh…..

What really surprised me were the couple of exercises we did at the end.

Firstly, we did an exercise were we used our hands and bodies to make sounds of the first pitter patter of rain, building to a full on downpour, and back to a light breeze. It felt wonderful to invoke something so natural and so organic.

But it was the next exercise which blew me away: we practiced a sound bath. For anyone who has never taken part in a sound bath, this is where everyone stands round in a circle and ‘sings’ a vowel. Any and all notes, some softly sung, others strong and operatic. The blend of notes organically moves from discord to harmony, and we took turns in twos to sit in the middle of the circle, to ‘bathe’ in the sound. I had forgotten what an incredible emotional experience this is. We came to a natural end to the excerise, and our meeting, by hugging each other in a circle.

I left the meeting with a grin on my face and a spring in my step. And the Sound of Bliss still ringing in my ears…

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