Air Point’s connected to the Fire Point

Nyree from Elementals shares her diary from last week’s workshop…

So Wednesday’s meeting was all about looking at some existing puppets and props, and how these can be adapted to make our Elementals puppets.

The intial brainstorming and the resulting ideas that came for the Elementals where, yet again, amazing. But, as every Group Organiser can testify; no matter how carefully you plan a meeting, something always ends up overrunning or taking much longer than expected. And that’s what happened on Wednesday.

It’s a skill, nay a neccessity, to be flexible as a GO with your objectives in these situations – So we offered the group a choice. Either continue with the planned activies (in this case, taking apart the existing puppets) or we could have an impromptu movement workshop. The group chose the movement workshop…

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – these guys completely blow me away! We divided into smaller groups and explored what the Elements ‘felt’ like. We took turns to have a mini performance for the rest of the Elementals, using our bodys to make Elemental shapes, gestures, and even sounds. The remaining Elemental ‘audience’ were to guess the word associated to each Element. And we nailed it. Everytime. Result.

But since leaving rehearsals on Wednesday I have been singing this little ditty to myself;
Join in…

Air Point’s contected to the Fire Point.
Fire Point’s contected to the Water Point.
Water Point’s connected to the Earth Point and together they make Ae-ther…

Dem Tings, dem tings are the… Elements
Dem Tings, dem tings are the… Elements
Dem Tings, dem tings are the… Elements
And together they create Sacred Space.

One thought on “Air Point’s connected to the Fire Point

  1. Now that reminds me of this one. After Tom Lehrer after Gilbert and Sullivan (a loong way after Tom Lehrer), and set to a possibly recognisable tune:

    [Deep breath!] There’s ether and there’s air and earth and water, fire and
    nothing else….
    These are the only Elements we meet in our processing.
    There may be many others, but they lack the May Queen’s blessing!


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