Nightwatch, Photo Point and photos of nightwalks

Matt from Photo Point sent some pictures from a recent skill sharing workshop with Nightwatch.

One of the many useful things A GO meeting provides is time to talk to other GOs. During a conversation with Nightwatch, about learning “holding the space” techniques, I discovered that they wanted an opportunity to do some night walks on the hill. I told them that all of our meetings take place at night, so that we can practice in the environment that we will be working in, and asked if they would like to join us for some skills sharing sessions. Thus, as darkness fell on Calton hill, Photpoint and Nightwatch spent a fun couple of hours discussing crowd control techniques, focussed walking in the dark and photographing fire torches. I think we would all agree that everyone had fun whilst learning some valuable skills for the night. Thanks for bringing the fire Nightwatch!



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