BFS Summer Solstice Picnic

Saturday June 23rd

A gathering to mark the Summer Solstice and honour the transition of the year.

Join us for games, stories, sharing and more.

We are looking for volunteers who would like to lead one of the following games…

Hug Tig, Best Friend/Worst Enemy, Princesses & Dragons, Granny’s Footsteps (aka Kicking Granny Up The Arse), Dwarves Wizards & Giants, Mama Chick/Baby Chick, Silent Cow, Circle Wrestling, Flying/Falling and Blind Bunny.

If you’d like to lead one of those, or an alternative, email with your preference. First come, first served.

We’ll also be running a potluck aspect to the picnic. We’ll have some treats on offer and we’d love a couple of volunteers who want to prepare things so we have a core spread. If anyone else would like to bring something that would be wonderful! Again, if you’d like to contribute, drop us a line at

We know it doesn’t feel like summer at the moment. So we’re going to be sensible. If the weather is glorious, we’ll meet in the Meadows from 7pm. To stop bad weather from dampening our spirits, the bad weather alternative shall be St Margaret’s House on London Road from 6pm, which shall be decorated appropriately (with the option of drinks at the Regent afterwards).

We will confirm 24 hours beforehand through Announcements and Facebook, so please check before you turn up.

The event is free to BFS members, their friends and loved ones.

Any questions, please ask!

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