Groups for Samhuinn Fire Festival 2012 Announced!

On behalf of the Beltane Fire Society Board of Directors, we are pleased to announce the list of groups for this Samhuinn.

Some will be groups you have encountered before, others may be new or unfamiliar. There will be more information and ideas from all the groups which will be posted on as well as through our blog and facebook page over the next few weeks. There will also be a chance to talk to the GOs at the Open Meeting, due to take place on 9th September.

We would like to thank everyone who submitted application to facilitate groups for us this year. We are not always able to take each of the proposals we receive forward and a lot of care and consideration goes into decisions that are made. We hope that anyone who was unsuccessful at this time will submit applications again in the future.

Without further ado, your groups are…

Torchbearers (David Simpson and Steven Turner)
Winter Drummers (Lindsay Hunter and Tom Everett)
Samhuinn Support Team (Zander Bruce and Tanya Simpson)
Midsummer’s Nightmare (Kat Kane and Nyree McAleer)
Red (Blue Hesse and James Armandary)
Beasties (Tom Caine and Gav Kennerly)
White (Louise McCloy and Tom Gibson)
Oracles of Night (Sandi Hunter and Judy Fordham)
Wild Hunt (Daniel Connell and Emily Martinelli)

Helping to lead our journey into Winter will be our Cailleach, Jess Whitely, as well as our Winter King, David Blumenthal.

We hope you will join with us in wishing all of them the best in their volunteer roles this Samhuinn.

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