Samhuinn After-Party and some other useful bits

The Samhuinn After-Party will be taking place at The Mata Hari Vault (part of Espionage – Access from the Cowgate only).

11pm – Late, Wednesday 31st October 2012

Running order
11 – 12 DJ Covalent
12 – 12.40 Winter Drummers
12.40 – 12.50 DRUM OFF on the dance floor
12.50 – 1.30 Beasties
1.30 – 2.20 Nisha Pannu
2.30 – 2.50 PJ COYLE

Ticket Prices
£5 (performers/participants) £10 guests (if available)
Tickets will not be available on the door.

Performer/participants tickets
Participant tickets will be available through your Group Organisers. Stewards will be given a final opportunity to buy a club ticket (from the Group Organiser) at their getting ready space

Guest tickets will be made available on a first come first served basis, to genuine guests of performers only, once all the performers and participants have had the opportunity to buy a ticket. If you are a performer and you want a friend or partner to come in to the after-party then you must have secured them a ticket before the 31st of October.

You can find a map for the venue at this Facebook event.

There are a very limited number available. The best way to guarantee a ticket is to get involved…

In what ways can you get involved?

Club Crew
A team of 4-6 people who would like to help run the club night (making some decorations, running the door, coordinating DJs and Drummers and time, assisting with the end of the night. You will need to be available on

  • the day of the 31st of October (or at least from 4/5pm onwards) until 3/4am
  • and the morning after (about midday)
  • one/two sessions of décor prep days (optional – but the more we do – the better the venue will look

To be involved in this, email and let us know what you can do!

That’s right, everything you see before you in the square needs to be

  • lifted & shifted
  • jiggled, poked & soaked (/in fuel!/)
  • and then lit!
  • …then extinguished, allowed to cool, womped, whacked, racked, stacked and packed!

So the more the merrier! (there is a limit). You will get to the club later on, about 1AM but you get a free ticket! The more who turn up on the day after the better

Email to sign yourself up to the tech team (put ‘new volunteer’ in the subject)

Ah, the familiar plea for people to get involved. Without stewards none of the event will happen. Stewards will be

  • helping maintain our performance spaces
  • spreading the story of Samhuinn,
  • harvesting the audiences of their donations (legally)
  • watching the audience (and some of the show)
  • helping with fire and event safety (full training and PPE will be given)
  • fulfilling the conditions of our agreements with the police and Edinburgh City Council.
  • available before the night for training and induction
  • available on the night.

Email for more information and to sign up.

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