The Oracles of Night journey with Grandmother Bat

Wednesday evening was one of those misty evenings with a nip in the air, clouds racing across the sky and the waxing half moon shining brightly. The Oracles of Night took a Middle World journey to meet Grandmother Bat. The Journey took place in silence, no talking or gestures, rather a feeling, a waiting, a following of movement and a sensing of energies swirling around us. The outward Journey was one of reflection on the Shadow token of Bat – the fear of falling… fear of falling from, to, into, onto, with what?

The rushing of the river, the rustling of leaves and the sounds of the Yell Hounds passing over ahead gave depth to a Journey which passed under trees, over bridges and along moonlit paths. At the centre of the Journey time was taken to Look Within with eyes closed and then Look Outward, still with eyes closed. The soft night held the group gently as the energetic explorations unfolded. The return Journey was a reflection on the Bright token of Bat – of trusting ones intuition. Are eyes always the physical eyes of the body or do we each have other “eyes” that see and inform our intuiton? And are these gentle, almost mist like feeling ones that can be trusted and then acted upon?

Pauses to gaze on Sister Moon before joining the rushing, hectic every day world gently unfolded at a moonlit meadow and before the last bridge over the river afore entering “civilisation”. The gentle Gift of Night from Bat was a welcome respite from the hectic preparations for Samhuinn and time of rest, repose and reflection under a shining waxing moon.

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