A very Scottish event

In most places, you’ll see the spelling of this wonderful quarterday festival as Samhain. Samhuinn is the Scottish Gaelic spelling. Even the Cailleach, our divine hag, is a Scottish and Irish term. Some people I’ve spoken to about our Samhuinn event have said “Ah, the Halloween parade!”.

Lots of our audience are there for the acrobatics, frenzied drumming and, of course, the pyrotechnics. It’s a wonderful show and is enjoyed by many people from all over the world for different reasons but a big part of what Beltane Fire Society aims to do is to celebrate Scottish traditions and street theatre, so it’s worth remembering while you gasp in amazement at the awesome spectacle in front of you that it is a very special Scottish celebration.

The Samhuinn Fire Festival has been featured on two websites which promote and report on Scottish news and events. We hope you’ll come and celebrate with us tonight!

Featured on STV Local.

Featured on Visit Scotland.

Happy Samhuinn everyone!

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