Lighting New Fires

Beltane 2011 by  Ellen Duffy
Photograph of Beltane Fire Festival 2011 by Ellen Duffy

Yesterday, a chilly Sunday afternoon found 40 (-ish, it’s not easy to count people who there are lots of them packed into a relatively small space!) Beltaners filling the cosy back room of the White Horse Inn for the pre-GO application gathering. Stories were shared, ideas discussed and plans made, in the midst of catching up with friends, and there was excitement in the air.

The atmosphere held a strong sense of togetherness and Beltane 2013 started to feel real, suddenly a thing to build rather than an abstract concept to ponder. If you’re thinking of applying to run a group this year, here are some which we’ve had on the Hill in previous years and some new opportunities to consider…

Performance Groups
Fire Arch
Torch Bearers
No Point
Story Tellers
Elemental Points (usually split into separate groups of Earth, Air, Fire and Water although in 2012 these were combined into one group)

Drumming Groups
Processional Drummers
Beastie Drummers

Support Groups
(although some of these can also have performance elements)
Photo Point
Contact Point
Bonfire Crew
Club (Beltane After-Party) Crew

You are, of course, welcome to propose a completely new group if you like. You can find details of how to submit a group application, along with the relevant documentation, here.

The deadline for applications is 7pm on Friday 1st February.

Big thanks to the lovely staff of the White Horse for being so welcoming and keeping our epic bunch of bouncy Beltaners fed, watered and warm!

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