Beltane Social Circle on Thursday evenings

A message from Kat, BFS Volunteers Coordinator…


As some of you may know, in the summer of 2012 we ran a lovely sewing circle on a Thursday evening. The initial intent was to fix torchball bags, make some torchballs and generally hang out and socialise. We did all that and we drank some tea, ate some cake and learnt and shared some skills.

Following some feedback in the time since, it has been decided to change the name so the focus is more on the social aspect. There is no requirement to sew or to do anything creative, however there will still be an outlet for those that wish to do these things.

So, if you’ve been missing all things BFS since Samhuinn and want to come along, have a cup of tea/coffee/water and chat about everything and nothing then why not join us from 6pm on a Thursday?

We’ll be in room 1:24 of St Margaret’s House, 1:24 used to be called 1:22 but it probably still doesn’t show up on the building plan (look for “Events Space” on the 1st floor at St Mags). We’ll be there every Thursday (until the 21st February) from 6pm until 9:30pm. If you’d like to know more, please visit the Facebook Group or email

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