Group Organiser applications…5 days to go!

Just a reminder that the deadline for Group Organiser applications for Beltane 2013 is only 5 days away, so if you’re thinking of applying to run a group, now is the time to get your application perfected, polished and submitted to before 7pm on Friday 1st February!

Remember, you are welcome to put in two separate applications for different groups so that if you don’t get your first choice, you still have a back-up option. If you do this, please indicate on your applications which is your preference as which is your second choice.

Submitting a back-up application WILL NOT affect your chances of getting your first choice group! All applications are considered on their individual merits, so choices between two or more sets of GOs for a group will not come down to whether or not one of those sets of GOs has submitted a second application. This process is in place to give you as many options as possible to be involved in the Festival, especially if you’re applying for a group which is likely to have more than one application.

If two or more applications for the same group are received, we will immediately inform all sets of applying GOs that there is a conflict (although the names of the other prospective GOs will remain confidential) to give everyone the opportunity to consider a potential alternative before the deadline.

You can download the application form, an example of a filled in application form, and guidelines here.

Please be aware that the form has changed slightly this year, so make sure that you fill in and submit the correct version. Looking forward to seeing your applications and creating an amazing Beltane together!

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