Last chance to run a group for Beltane 2013!

Only 48 hours remain in which to make your bid to run one of our volunteer community performance groups for this year’s main event! You’ll find more information in this blog post and on our Facebook page.

A situation that arises every year is that someone will inevitably say “oh, there’s no (insert name here) group this year – why?”. Because nobody stepped forward to run it. Really, it is as simple as that.

In order to keep the process fair for everyone (which we have an obligation to do as a charity) there is a timeframe to get applications in so everyone’s ideas are considered at the same time by the same people and with the same length of time available for them to prepare.

With this is mind, we have two days left and at the moment we have some gaps to fill in our traditional roster. These groups do not always have to exist but they have done in the past and there may be felt to be a certain loss by some if they are not there. At the moment these include:

Beastie Drummers
Processional Drummers
Counterpoint Drummers
Elemental Points (Air, Earth, Water, Fire)
Fire Arch
Club Crew
Bonfire Crew

Of course some of these may yet manifest into reality in the next two days. There are also some new groups coming forward potentially, which could be very exciting. We just want you to all know so that if you feel a particular affinity to a group and fear that it might not happen, you have an opportunity to change that if you wish.

If you need the proposal form and more information, you can find those here.

If you would like any advice or assistance, you can email or and we will come back to you just as soon as we can. If you only have one name at the moment for your proposal and need help finding a second, we can support with that too.

The power to make these things happen lies with you.

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