Your Group Organisers for Beltane 2013

We’re very excited to announce your Group Organisers for Beltane 2013! They are…

Anansi – Jo Shuttleworth, Judith Lorton and Alice Fitzsimons
Beastie Drummers – Tom Caine and Gav Kennerly
Blues – Andy Meechan and Kat Hershell
Bower – Mies Turner-Richardson and Catriona Rannoch
Contact Point – Tanya Simpson and Zander Bruce
Elements – Alun Evans and Seth Ewin
Fire Performance – Sandi Hunter and Martin Miller
Fire Priests (Torchbearers) – David Simpson and Steven Turner
No Point – Sage Dean and Fiona James
Processional Drummers – Jason Kalapothakis
Reds – Tom Gibson and Neil Rhind
Remnants of Winter – Ross Atkinson and Rachel Greaves
Stewards – John Wilson and Shyam Sookur
Tech – Adam Exell and Helen Bradburn
Tellers of Bel’s Fire – David-John Pitts and Trisha ‘Iolana
Whites – Nyree McAleer and Kat Kane

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