Beltane 2013 Group Organiser Weekend

The Group Organiser weekend helps to prepare each festival’s crop of GOs for the weeks ahead, empowering them with the tools and skills to build their groups, work with volunteers and create amazing performances.

On 9th and 10th February, a bunch of hyper-enthusiastic GOs did silly things (creating human machines!), emotional things (confidence walks ending with big hugs), meaningful things (like a beautiful elemental ritual led by the Blues) and practical things (like contributing to the new Principals of Participation for the Society).

There are now a few more people in the world into whose hearts the words ‘silent cow’ will strike a sense of mild trauma. Having spent two days together planning for the next 9 weeks and consuming ridiculous amounts of tea and cake, we’re ready for Sunday’s Open Meeting, when we will invite you into our Beltane family, to create a festival to remember.

It begins! Can you feel it?

GO Weekend 01

GO Weekend 02

GO Weekend 03

GO Weekend 04

GO Weekend 05

GO Weekend 06

GO Weekend 07

GO Weekend 08

GO Weekend 09

Photos by Daniel Rannoch/Flashmunki Photography

3 thoughts on “Beltane 2013 Group Organiser Weekend

    1. That is TERRIBLE- it is an awesome poster !!!!
      Do you have a print layout of your symbol so I can get it tattooed when I come to Scotland???
      Any Tattoo artists associated with Beltane Fire Society?

      I am coming from America to see Scotland, specifically to see the Beltane celebration!


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