A poster is born

Big Beltane Poster on Leith Walk

Before I say anything else, I’d like to extend absolutely massive thanks to Paul McDowell, the very talented artist who designed the poster for Beltane 2013. When Paul sent the final poster to me, I was excited. Like really-can’t-wait-to-see-it-in-print excited. Then Producer Tom said “It looks great…we need it 60×40 inches for the big ones”. That’s FIVE FEET TALL. That’s almost as tall as me. My computer gurgled and shuddered as I added a border to the already massive file, then it was done. This year’s poster was almost a real, physical thing. Almost.

On Saturday, I got an email from Tom saying that the big posters were up around town. As I drove home from the Contact Point meeting with Zander, my co-organiser, we saw it. The poster. Printed. In a public place. It was HUGE, literally and figuratively. I’m accustomed to my first poster viewing being in the office at Arts Complex, ripping open a package of A2 size prints, but this was something else altogether. I pulled in to the side of Leith Walk, stopped the car, jumped out and ran around to the pavement. I’m not ashamed to say I did a more than a little bit of squeaking and bouncing up and down.

A couple of slightly confused people walked in a wide circle around the crazy pink-haired lady who had, by this time, started taking photos of a poster at the side of the road. They probably had no idea that the crazy lady had watched that poster become, from the announcement of the design competition to the counting of the votes, to the proof-reading and print-prep. And now, here it was. A real thing. One of many. Large as life. And there I was, standing next to it. It was a pretty awesome feeling.

– Tanya

Over the coming weeks, more posters will be appearing, outside and inside, around Edinburgh. If you spot one, you’re welcome to take a snap of it (or ever better, of yourself standing next to it!) and share it on our Facebook page.

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