Live from the Contact Point car!

Walkthrough 01 12 Walkthrough 01 11 Walkthrough 01 10 Walkthrough 01 09 Walkthrough 01 07 Walkthrough 01 06 Walkthrough 01 05 Walkthrough 01 04 Walkthrough 01 03 Walkthrough 01 01

It’s one of those days when you really hope things work. A few prayers to the gods of technology later and lots of crossed fingers, and we have Temporary Contact Point on Calton Hill, operating from the boot of a car with a laptop and a wifi hotspot running from a mobile phone.

These photos from the first Beltane 2013 walkthrough rehearsal are not indicative of the amazing pictures that you’ll see later – pictures taken with proper cameras rather than a phone – but as a test of the technology, they’ve done their job. Enjoy!

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