Laundry time!

As I type this, I’m sitting in my flat surrounded by the shadowy figures of numerous black Torchbearers’ cloaks, freshly laundered spectres of festivals past, draped like happy memories around the days following The Night.

Post-Beltane laundry is no small task, as anyone currently attempting to return their home to its former state, before it became a temporary storage locker/prop factory/wardrobe department for the weeks leading up to 30th April, will tell you.

Part of the epic task of packing everything up involves the laundering of numerous Tech overalls, their work done until Samhuinn preparation begins. After a trip to a very busy launderette, the overalls lurk in room 1.24 of Arts Complex, drying before being put away for the summer…




Thanks to Daniel at Arts Complex for the pictures.

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