Missing person: Yulia


A member of our Beltane community in Edinburgh, Yulia, has gone missing and her friends and family are all very worried. She was last seen on Thursday 6th June at the Wee Red Bar on Lauriston Place at 9pm and last heard from at 2pm on Friday 7th June when she sent a text message to a friend.

Her friends from the Anansi performance group became concerned when she didn’t arrive to dance at a planned performance on Saturday. No-one has seen or heard from her since.

The police are aware of the situation so if you have any information at all, you can reach them directly by phone on 101 or 0131 311 3131, quoting the incident number 0639 and the date 12/06/13. You can also send them an email via contact@lbp.pnn.police.uk, again quoting the incident number and date.

You are welcome to join the YULIA IS MISSING Facebook group too, where you can find a downloadable poster and share any information you have. Feel free to share links to the following:

The more people who see Yulia’s picture and details, the more chance we have of someone coming forward with information. Updates will be posted here as we have them.

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