Announcing the Beltane Fire Festival 2014 Poster Design!


We’re very happy to announce our gorgeous winning poster design for Beltane 2014, by the wonderfully talented Cristiana Ferreira. As well as designing awesome posters, Cristiana works in graphic, web and mobile design and has a Masters in Communication Design.  She is looking forward to seeing our festival and being able to contribute her work.

Christiana describes her image as encompassing a whole scene.  The shadow of the Green Man, The May Queen as the central leading figure.  To the left, the place where the festival will be held – Calton Hill. To the right a great fire with many strange and wonderful characters around it.

See more of her work at

There may be slight edits and additions made to the poster before printing, but we’ll let you know when it can be seen on walls around Edinburgh and further afield in the coming weeks. Exciting stuff!

4 thoughts on “Announcing the Beltane Fire Festival 2014 Poster Design!

  1. Reblogged this on Ruthless Ethnography and commented:
    I’ve totally stolen (temporarily) the blog-cropped version of their poster. While it’s eminently theft-wprthy on its own merits, I wanted to publicize this amazing event I hope to attend some day. Meanwhile, I’ll have to content myself with Beltane celebrations on the North American Continent.


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