Cambium Force, an elemental group – still recruiting

We will be representing the four elements of earth, air, fire and water in four different locations and four different performances on Beltane night. A roaming group where everyone in the group will be involved in creating and performing for each element. Well be using Physical theatre, Acro, Cheerleading stunts, Silate, African dance to inform our performances for the elements.  Working with other groups as well,  Aos sidhe  will be drumming  with us and we will join Anansi  to African dance for earth point. The run up will involve meditation and ritual to connect to all the elements find how you relate to them, feel them in your body. Exercise to connect to our body’s and be able to perform at the best of our abilities on the night. We have some exciting ideas as to what we’d like to perform… he he very exciting; added to  the collective experience of the group over the next  2 months will inform how we appear on the night, anything could happen 🙂

We are looking for people who want to explore the elements and how to represent them in the ritual of the night and communicate them to the audience.  If you’re ready to try something new, everything will be taught from the basics so no worries if you’ve not done any of it before. Ready to push yourself physically there will be exercise each practice. Ready to have some fun and probably be a bit silly.

We meet Thursdays 7-9.30, Sundays 2-6, on the meadows at the big kids play park.

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